Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are an integral part of our products and services and govern the principles of their use. In this document, we describe what rules you are required to follow when using our products and services, what obligations we have and what rights are related with our services. The Terms and Conditions also include the Complaints Procedure described below in this document and the Privacy Policy described in a separate document.


The BeerSport application (hereinafter referred to as the Application) is a product of Cool Ticketing s.r.o., which consists of a mobile application for smartphones on Android and iOS platforms and a server part (so-called back-end).

User (hereinafter also referred to as "you") means a natural person who meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • has actively used or is using the Application,
  • executed an order in the Partner's system, the subject of which was manually or automatically sent for processing to the Application,
  • in order to obtain information, obtain content or make the content in the Application available to another person, visited any website of Cool Ticketing s.r.o., which are published, inter alia, on the beersport.com domain, and which may also be part of other applications (eg applications available in social Facebook type networks),
  • in order to obtain information or resolve the request, contact the customer support of Cool Ticketing s.r.o by designated means (e-mail, social networks).

A Valuable is a unique digital record of a voucher, coupon, info card, digital lot or loyalty card that is stored in the Application.

An Issue is a set of Valuablesof the same type that can be limited, targeted and personalized according to specific users or mobile devices.

An Event is a one-off or long-term activity that covers one or more Issues. The Event may have specific rules that supplement these Terms and Conditions.

The Offer is a digital record in or outside the Application, which allows the User to obtain a Valuable, a Package of Valuables or use other functions of the Application (eg participation in a competition or survey). The offer is always part of the Event and typically takes the form of an item in the relevant section of the BeerSport mobile application, a link or website for storing the Valuable, a notification for storing the Valuable in the Application, etc.

A Package is a set of two or more Valuables that the User may obtain in one step, when using the Offer.

The subscription is a Package of Valuables distributed over time. The Subscription Rules stipulate which Valuables and at what time will be automatically released to the User for storage in the BeerSport mobile application.

Product recognition means a process in the Application, where the User allows access to the camera of a mobile device and then uses the Application to take pictures of the surroundings. During this process, the application stores the captured images and uses artificial intelligence to try to recognize the object you are looking for based on the acquired images (eg draft beer).

Partner is any legal entity with which Cool Ticketing s.r.o. a contractual relationship has been concluded in relation with the use of the Application. These are typically the sponsors and clients of Valuables issues, surveys and contests, digital lots or vouchers, and companies that use the Application to sell their products or services.

The operator of the Application is Cool Ticketing s.r.o., IČ: 02387662, třída Karla IV. 468/18, 500 02 Hradec Králové (hereinafter also referred to as "we" or "our company").

General Terms

Contractual relationships

  • Unless stated otherwise, the Operator mediates the sale of valuables only on behalf of, resp. on behalf of and for the account of the Partner who operates and organizes the event. The relevant Partner is responsible for the execution and fulfillment of the offered event. The purchase of the Valuable creates a contractual relationship directly between the User and the Partner, who is the organizer of the event.
  • Warranty claims exist in the performance of contractual services only against the relevant Partner, who is the organizer or operator of the event.
  • The issues of Valuables available for storage in the Application are limited, targeted and personalized. The User is in no way entitled to receive the same or a similar Valuable obtained by another User.
  • The Operator has the right at any time, without prior notice and without compensation, to terminate the Issuance of Valuables if it deems to be necessary from a commercial, technical or security point of view.
  • The issue of Valuables or a specific Offer may be supplemented by additional rules of the event, by which the Operator supplements these Terms and Conditions with other specific conditions. Additional rules of the event are available on the Operator's website and are linked from the relevant Valuable stored in the Application.
  • Each Issue of Valuables has its parties:
    • The Technical Provider of the Issue is always the Operator.
    • The Issue can be organized by the Operator or its Partner (eg a brewery).
    • A Participating Partner may be a contractual partner of the Operator who participates in the issuing of the Issue, typically by entering its value (eg a brewery that compensates for draft beers to participating restaurants within the event).
  • All parties interested to the Issue are entitled to obtain from the Operator statistical data on the Issue and aggregated (anonymous) data on the involved Users and their behavior. The Operator does not pass on specific personal data of the Users (eg e-mail addresses) to any interested party, unless the User gives explicit consent to it using the Application.

Operation of the mobile application on the User's device

  • The BeerSport mobile application must be installed from an official source.
  • The BeerSport mobile application must be up to date. If a new version of the BeerSport mobile application is available in the official source, the User is obliged to update it as soon as possible, otherwise he runs the risk of not acknowledging any complaints.
  • The BeerSport mobile application is intended for operation on mobile phones. Other devices, such as tablets, smart TVs, and others, are not supported.
  • The user is responsible for the proper functionality and condition of his mobile phone when using the BeerSport mobile application. Failure of a Valuable redemption due to the poor condition of the mobile phone cannot be a reason for a complaint. At the same time, you are responsible for ensuring that your phone has a sufficiently charged battery to redeem the voucher properly.

User registration and authentication

  • Some application functions require User registration or authentication. (For example, participating in competitions, paying in the mobile application or winning prizes from digital lots is not possible without entering your valid e-mail. For some Valuables we verify your age - typically for vouchers for alcoholic products. For Valuables, which you receive as a gift via Facebook, we verify your identity by logging in to your Facebook account.)
  • Without registration or verification, some functions of the application may be inaccessible or certain Valuables may not be stored. The processing of entered personal data is governed by the document Privacy Policy.
  • A user is considered to be registered if he has a valid e-mail address filled in the application and has successfully confirmed this address by clicking on the link in the sent e-mail.

Safe use of the Application

  • The User is obliged to use the Application in compliance with the basic security principles, which include, among others:
    • Do not use the Application on a mobile device that has a modified operating system (so-called "root" on the Android platform and "jailbreak" on the iOS platform).
    • Do not share sensitive or personal data via the Application if the Application is used in an insecure environment (eg connection via an insecure Wi-Fi network, on public computers, etc.)
  • Any attempt to misuse the Application is considered to be prohibited, in particular:
    • avoiding the security mechanisms of the Application (eg taking screenshots with the details of the Valuables or manually changing the date and time on the phone in order to extend the validity of the Valuables),
    • avoiding the standard functions of the Application (eg violation of Event rules during Product Recognition),
    • corruption and decoding of the Application,
    • imitation or deactivation of valuable security features,
    • creation of Valuable imitations,
    • any modification of the issued Valuables.
  • The prohibited behaviour described above may be a reason for immediate automatic revocation of the Valuable without compensation, or blocking the User's phone for further use of the Application. In case of repeated prohibited behavoiur or in case of any harm to the Operator, the matter may be referred to law enforcement authorities.

Using the Application according to your age

It is forbidden to use the Application to persons who, due to their age, cannot give legal consent to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy according to the valid legislation.

If you are a parent and find out that your child is using the Application and do not agree with it, please contact our support.

The storage of most of the Valuables in the Application is conditioned by entering the age. These are typically coupons and vouchers related to alcoholic beverages that cannot be saved unless you are at least 18 years old.

Application Availability

  • The BeerSport mobile application may not be available for all versions of supported operating systems, and its functionality and content may vary by platform or version.
  • The Operator is not responsible for failures in the functionality or availability of the Application caused by a third party or force majeure.
  • In case of technical problems on the part of the Operator or due to an error in the Application, when the User could not use the Valuables stored in the application, the situation is governed by the Complaints Procedure.

Exchange for money

  • Valuables stored in the Application cannot be exchanged for cash. (For example, if you win a free voucher in the mobile app, it's not possible to pay out the value of that prize in cash.)
  • Refunds for in-app purchases are governed by the provisions in the In-app purchases and Complaints Procedure chapters.

Graphic data and copyright

  • The graphic data used in the Application is purely illustrative and may not correspond to the actual appearance of the thing, place or event to which are related. These are, in particular, the main graphic motif on vouchers and coupons, pictures of pubs and bars and Offers in the BeerSport mobile application and images used on the Operator's websites and pages on social networks.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Operator is the copyright owner
    • of the content of the Application as a whole,
    • of graphic and text data on individual Offers,
    • of graphic and text data on Valuables,
    • of the content of the Operator's website and pages on social networks.
  • If the copyrights or intellectual property of the Partners are used, the Operator does so with their consent and at their instruction.
  • Appearance and behavior of the Application are the intellectual property of the Operator and are protected by valid copyright.
  • The appearance and principle of validation of Cenin is protected by patent No. 307052 dated 23 . 9 . 2017 with the title „Způsob kontroly lístků v elektronických mobilních zařízeních, zejména na kulturní a sportovní akce, jízdné a parkovné".

Offers and Events

  • One of the basic functions of the Application is the presentation of personalized (marketing) Offers to Users. The User acknowledges that he/she may see and voluntarily use such Offers in the Application. If you do not agree to this point of the Terms and Conditions, stop using the Application and uninstall the BeerSport mobile application from your mobile device.
  • Offers can be made available to the User via the BeerSport mobile application, e-mail or web application.
  • The User is entitled to reject any Offer, or to express his disagreement with further addressing if it is an e-mail Offer. The User's rights are described in detail in the document Privacy Policy.
  • Offers are always part of the Event, which can be one-time or long-term.
  • Participation in the Event means the purchase or storage of the Valuable in the BeerSport mobile application (eg you save a voucher, a digital lot or a loylty card directly in the mobile application).
  • If the User participates in the Event, he agrees with its rules and is obliged to follow them. The rules can be specifically modified for a specific Event and are always communicated to the User before using the Offer that is part of the Event. The rules are linked directly in the Offer (in the Offer detail in the BeerSport mobile application, in the body of the e-mail, etc.) or on the website linked from the Offer or the stored Valuable.
  • Using the Offer means starting work with the stored Valuable (eg if you start playing a digital lot or use a voucher, choose a venue to obtain a valid voucher, etc.).
  • If the User joins the Event (eg you save the Valuable from the Offer) and subsequently decides that he does not agree with the rules of the event, he is entitled to ask the Operator to exclude it within 7 days after joining the Event. The Operator will ensure the cancellation of the unused Offer and records that the user has participated in the Event. Exclusion is possible only if the User has not yet redeemed or otherwise devalued the acquired Valuable. (For example, if you play a digital lot that was part of the Offer, disqualification cannot be made, however, your rights under the Privacy Policy are not affected in any way.)
  • The personalization of the Offers means that the Operator and / or the Partner can decide that individual Offer is provided only to a specified number or segment of Users. Availability of the Offer is not claimable, the User is not entitled to request the same Offer, especially if he/she does not meet the criteria set by the Operator or Partner (eg if the Partner wishes to address the Offer only to users from Prague, the Offer may not be communicated to Users in other parts of the Czech Republic).
  • The Operator does not accept any liability for the correctness, completeness or timeliness of the information offered in the Application, except for intent or gross negligence. If the Operator has information on canceled or changed terms of events, it will immediately inform Users by publishing this information on the web portal BeerSport.com or directly in the Application.

Voucher and Coupons

  • Coupon is a Valuable that can be used at the place of redemption to obtain a discounted product or service. Usually an additional cash payment is required. An example of a Coupon is a coupon for a 30% discount, a coupon for another product free of charge when you buy one for the full price (so-called 1+1), etc.
  • Voucher is a Valuable that can be used at the place of redemption to obtain a product or service usually free of charge, without additional charge. An example of a Voucher is a voucher for a 100% discount in a retail chain, a voucher for entry to a cultural event, etc.
  • A special type of Coupon is the so-called "e-shop coupon", which is used to distribute promo codes to the Partner's e-shop (for the used promo code you will typically get a discounted purchase at the partner e-shop). This type of coupon is usually not used in the stone shop, nor is it checked by the operator during redemption.
  • A special type of Coupon is the so-called "info coupon", which is not used for use in any venue, but only to inform the User about the value obtained (eg physical product or credit won in the competition) or other facts. .
  • A special type of Coupon or Voucher is the so-called "cashback coupon / voucher", which allows you to get your money back for a realized purchase. The purchase is evidenced by "scanning" the purchased product by the Application. This process is called Product Recognition and is based on the use of a telephone camera to identify objects using artificial intelligence and neural networks. In order for Product Recognition to be considered valid, the Application may also request confirmation of the User's current or previous location using GPS. The performed Product Recognition may be subject to automatic or manual control by the Operator and in case of reasonable suspicion of circumventing this function of the Application, the Operator may subsequently reject the Recognition. Thus, the User loses the right to obtain the value stated on the Valuable.
  • The User may obtain valid Coupons and Vouchers in the Application especially in the following ways:
    • By using the Offer in the Application (purchase or storeage of the Valuable free of charge, either directly from the relevant section in the mobile Application or acceptance of the incoming notification for storage of the Valuable)
    • Automatically when the BeerSport mobile Application is connected to the Internet (eg automatically delivered Coupons within the purchased Subscription)
    • By saving the Valuable using a special link (from e-mail, SMS, website, social networks, etc.)
    • By winning Valuable in a competition or using a digital lot or loyalty card according their rules
    • By selecting a specified answer in a survey or competition
  • After saving to the BeerSport mobile Application, some Coupons or Vouchers need to be activated for use in a specific venue, which the Aapplication prompts the User to do so. The choice of venue is in some cases irreversible. An active internet connection may be required during activation. An unactivated Coupon or Voucher is not a valid Valuable and cannot be used without its activation.
  • Some Coupons or Vouchers require Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and enabled location services for the BeerSport mobile Application to apply. In the event that the User does not want to turn on or enable these services, he has the right not to use the Valuable. Any compensation for the price paid is governed by the Complaints Procedure.
  • Some Coupons or Vouchers may display a code (typically an alphanumeric code or its 1D or 2D graphic representation) when redeemed. The code is used to check the validity of the Valuable by the staff at the place of redemption. The User is obliged to allow the staff to read the code, otherwise he cannot obtain the performance stated on the Valuable.
  • Unless otherwise stated directly on the Coupon or Voucher, the User is entitled to use each Coupon or Voucher only once.
  • The standard valid Coupon or Voucher contains the name, validity date, place of redemption, information about the Event organizer, value or price to be paid when redeemed, and may contain any additional information (eg price category, event rules, selection of terms and conditions of the organizer) and references. The Coupon or Voucher that needs to be activated for a specific venue contains a button for activating. Coupons of the type "e-shop coupon" and Coupons or Vouchers of the type "cashback coupon / voucher" contain one or more buttons that allow the User to make a redemption according to the nature of the Coupon or Voucher.
  • A valid Coupon or Voucher may also contain a set of security features that are checked by the staff during redemption. The User is obliged to allow the staff this check by showing the Valuable in the BeerSport mobile Application.
  • During redemption in the Application, the Coupon or Voucher is irreversibly revoked by the Staff (standard Coupon and Voucher) or by the User (Coupon and Voucher of the "cashback" type). If the cancellation is performed by the User at the request of the staff, he is obliged to do so in a way that the staff sees the entire cancellation process on the phone display.
  • After revoking the Coupon or Voucher, the User may be asked by the staff to show the revoked Valuable for additional inspection or to read the code from the Valuable, which must allow if he wants to obtain the value stated on the Valuable.
  • Failure to provide the necessary cooperation by the User during the inspection of the Valuable is considered as an expression of the User's will not to use the Valuable and in such a case the staff is entitled to refuse the performance stated in the Valuable.
  • The User is not entitled to request a replacement of the Valuable when deleting or invalidating the Valuable by mistake. The Operator may re-release the Valuable for storage in the BeerSport mobile Application purely on the basis of its own discretion and the nature of the specific Issue or Event.
  • The Operator is entitled to prevent the redemption or use of the stored Valuable by the technical means of the Application, especially in case that there is a suspicion of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions by the User, or if technical, commercial or security reasons lead to it.
  • Each Valuable has its date and time of validity marked on the Valuable. If the Valuable is not properly redeemed by this time, it expires without compensation.
  • The return of purchased Coupons and Vouchers is governed by the Complaints Procedure.

Digital lots

  • The Digital lot is a special type of Valuable, allowing the User to obtain another Valuable, a Package of Valuables or credits for purchases in the Application.
  • The Digital lot is a form of consumer competition and is not subject to the Gambling Act - Zákon o hazardních hrách č. 186/2016 Sb.
  • The Digital lot can be stored in the Application as locked. To unlock it, it requires performing Product Recognition according to the rules of the Event.
  • The unlocked Digital lot contains a playing field with a variable number of different hidden symbols, abbreviated information about prizes, the required number of specific symbols to be uncovered to obtain them, and the maximum number of attempts available to the User to reveal symbols. The Digitl lot may also contain detailed Event rules, links and other information (typically on how to use the prizes).
  • The layout of the symbols hidden on the lot is random, but all the symbols needed to win any of the listed winnings are always hidden on the lot.
  • The competition consists of gradually revealing of hidden symbols. The competition ends if the User has revealed all the necessary symbols to win any of the prizes within a given number of attempts (such a lot is marked as won), or if he has performed all attempts and has not revealed the necessary symbols for any of the prizes (such a lot is marked as lost).
  • In case of a win, the won Valuable or Valuable Package is stored or credit is charged to the mobile Application immediately.
  • In case of a loss, a "consolation prize" in the form of another Valuable or Valuable Package may be stored in the mobile Application.
  • The playing field on the lost card can be further exposed by the User, however, the User has no longer the opportunity to win any of the prizes.
  • The user is not entitled to request a replacement Digital lot when deleting the lot by mistake. The Operator may re-release the lot for storage in the BeerSport mobile Application purely on the basis of its own discretion and the nature of the specific Issue or Event.

Competitions and polls

  • The competitions published in the Application have the character of a structured questionnaire and can be provided in the form of a knowledge or guessing competition, a survey, a request for feedback, etc.
  • Contests may be personalized and available only to selected Users based on their previous activity in the Application or on the basis of other data, such as geographical location.
  • Competitions are published at the discretion of the Organizer or on the basis of the Partner's assignment. The Contracting Authority of the Competition is always explicitly listed directly for a specific Competition (click on the round button "i" next to the Competition). Technically and organizationally the Competition is provided by the Operator.
  • Competition message means one or more answers provided by the User when participating in the Competition. The competition message may also contain additional texts, photographs or the express consent of the User to the submission of his e-mail for marketing processing by the contracting authority.
  • The User may participate in the selected Competition by sending the Competition message by the specified means of the Application and entering his valid e-mail.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the User may participate in the Competition only once. Repeated participation in the same Competition under another e-mail may be evaluated by the Organizer as invalid and may lead to the exclusion of all previous participation of the User from this and any other Competition or Event in the Application.
  • Unless otherwise stated, after the end of the Competition or continuously during its duration, the Operator randomly selects from the received Competition Reports. The winner can be published on the Operator's Facebook and is informed via the Application.
  • Winnings are not legally enforceable. The Contracting Authority of the Competition or the Operator may automatically interrupt or terminate the Competition at any time.
  • Apple Company is not a sponsor of any of the Application Competitions.

In-App purchases

  • The Application allows you to get paid Offers.
  • The prices of all Offers are listed including the statutory VAT rate. The price of the Offer may include a resale fee, which increases the basic price (eg the fee for the resale of a coupon).
  • Offers can be published in different currencies.
  • Payment requires the e-mail you entered to receive a confirmation of the purchase.
  • Payment in the Application is made using in-app credits. No other method of payment is possible.
  • When making a payment in the Application, the balance of credits is always checked, and if it is sufficient to fully cover the payment, the relevant amount is deducted from the credits. Only if the balance of credits is not sufficient the User is informed to recgarge the appropriate number of in-Aapp credits.
  • Refunds are governed by the Complaints Procedure.
  • Payment can be refunded in whole or in part depending on the nature of the User's request.
  • Platba je vždy vracena dle formy platby, tj. pokud byla uskutečněna kredity, je odpovídajícím způsobem navýšen zůstatek kreditů.

In-App Credits

  • Credits may be obtained by the User in the Application under pre-determined conditions when participating in the Event, using the Offer or based on the decision of the Operator.
  • Credits are virtual points that the User may use in the Application to pay for the purchase of Valuables under the conditions specified above in the In-App Purchases section.
  • The user can use Credits only through the Application. Credits cannot be used to pay for goods and / or services and / or to obtain a discount from third parties.
  • The User may obtain Credits as a voluntary gift from the Operator, in accordance with the conditions set by the Operator, which the Operator authorizes to unilaterally change at any time, especially under the conditions of individual Events. The Operator further reserves the right to terminate any Event.
  • The Credits can be purchased by a User in the Application. The User can use a valid debit / credit card to pay the purchase.
  • The amount of credits is displayed in the mobile Application. The User is also informed about the Amount of credits in an e-mail message after each purchase in the Application.
  • In the case of an unregistered User, the obtained credits are tied to a specific mobile device until the User registers.
  • In the case of a registered User (with a confirmed e-mail address), the Credits are tied to the confirmed e-mail address and can be used by the User in other devices if he installs a mobile application in them and registers with the same e-mail.
  • Credits may never be transferred to cash or exchanged for any consideration other than those set out in these Terms and Conditions. Credits may not be transferred or donated to another User or another person, unless specific valid and effective conditions of some Event provide otherwise.
  • In the case of using the Application to increase and / or obtain more Credits, other misuse of the Credit Allocation System and / or use of Events in violation of their rules and / or contrary to good morals, the Operator reserves the right to cancel and / or not grant such Credits.
  • In the case that the User violates these Terms and Conditions, the Operator is entitled to delete all or part of the User's Credits at its discretion.

Payment cards

  • The application allows payment by payment card through an integrated payment gateway. The payment gateway provider is Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
  • The payment gateway accepts selected types of payment cards according to the provider's decision. Typically, these are credit and debit cards VISA and MasterCard and others.
  • The payment card must have Internet transactions enabled.
  • When making a payment, it is possible to select "memorize the card" for further payments, which enables faster processing of subsequent purchases in the Application from the same mobile device.
  • If the payment card has an active 3D secure (protection with a one-time SMS code), remembering the card may not be effective.
  • The user can cancel the remembering of the card at any time in the settings of the mobile application.
  • In the case that the User received the paid valuables in the Application, but at the same time the corresponding amount was not correctly deducted from his payment card and the payment is posted (eg due to current payment gateway malfunction or other technical circumstances), the Operator is entitled to unilaterally withdraw the relevant missing amount from the card to the card within up to 90 days from the original payment.

Purchase confirmation

  • After a payment using the Application, a confirmation of purchase is sent to the User by e-mail. If multiple payments are made from a single mobile device in a short period of time, individual confirmations can be combined into one e-mail message.
  • The purchase confirmation summarizes the payments made and indicates the balance of the credits.
  • The e-mail purchase confirmation is not a receipt. The User may request a receipt with all the requisites through the support of the Organizer. The receipt will be provided to the User in electronic form within a maximum of 2 working days from the request acceptation.
  • Due to the nature of paid Offers, payments and sales via the Application are not subject of the Electronic Sales Record (EET).

Packages and Subscriptions

  • When using the Offer, the User can obtain a Package of Valuables of various types.
  • The Package as a whole is considered as used if any Valuable from the Package is used. In such a case, it is no longer possible to provide a refund if the Package was obtained within the paid Offer.
  • The subscription is triggered by using the (usually paid) Offer or by winning the digital lot. According to the rules of the Subscription, new Values are automatically released to the User for storage in the Application. Each of the released Valuables is governed by its conditions (place of use, effective date, expiration date, etc.).
  • Valuables from the Subscription are automatically released for the User's e-mail, which was registered in the Application at the time of starting the Subscription.
  • If the User changes the mobile device during the Subscription or if he reinstalls the mobile Application, he must register the same e-mail address for which the Subscription was launched in the new installation of the mobile Application.
  • If the User changes the e-mail address used, it is necessary to contact the Operator's support to link the Subscription to another e-mail.

Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure stipulates the procedure of the User and the Operator in cases where, despite of all the efforts of the Operator, the User finds a justified reason for a complaint about the quality of the provided service, ie sale of vouchers and coupons through the Application.

With any problem related to the use and redeption of the Valuables in the Application, the User immediately contacts the Operator's support (see below in the Contacts and Support section).

  • The Operator is in no way responsible for the organization of third party events and changes in the dates of third party events, the third party events timetable, or for any complications arising during or in connection with the third party events. The Operator is also not liable for any damage or any other damage incurred by the User or any third party related with the visit to the third party events, in particular it is not liable for any expenses incurred by the User in relation with the third party events, its change, cancellation or action. All claims must always be made to the relevant third party event organizer.
  • In case of damage or loss of the Valuable, the User does not automatically have the right to obtain a new Valuable. Based on the User's request, the Organizer will verify the possibility to issue a new Valuable (according to the nature of the Issue, the nature of the Event, the demonstrable condition of the valuable before loss, etc.) and may or may not do so purely at its discretion. For example, if you lose a voucher that expires soon, or for which it is not demonstrable whether or not it was used before the loss, we do not need to release another voucher for you.
  • The User has the right to file a complaint if there is no complete and proper acquisition of all paid Valuables. Complaints can only be made if the User has followed these Terms and Conditions. Complaints has to be made immediately after purchase. In case of a Subscription, the complaint has to be made immediately after non-receipt of the Valuable, which was to be released within the subscription..
  • The User is obliged to check the correctness of the data stated on it immediately after saving the Valuable. Based on the User's immediate complaint, the claimed Valuable will be canceled through the system and the amount paid will be returned to the User. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.
  • The provisions of the Civil Code on a 14-day period for withdrawal from the purchase contract when concluding a purchase contract "at a distance" do not apply to purchases of Valuables in the Application.
  • The user has a legitimate right to make a complaint if, due to a demonstrable error in the Application, the payment made is posted several times.
  • The user has the right to cancel his purchase in the case that the purchase is made in error. In such a case, he is obliged to immediately contact the Operator's support, or use the option to return the valuable directly in the Application (the "Return" button on the Valuable detail), if the valuable allows it.
  • The Operator is not responsible for the correct functionality or availability of the payment gateway used in the Application.
  • The User is entitled to cancel his participation in the purchased Subscription. The request for cancellation of the Subscription is sent to the support of the Operator. Depending on the nature of the Subscription and its phase, the Operator may make full or partial compensation for the purchase and provide the User with the funds spent again. For example, if you purchase a subscription worth CZK 100 for 30 draft beers and gradually use vouchers for beers with a sales value equal to or higher than CZK 100, we will no longer refund you any money if you cancel the Subscription.
  • If the Operator finds that the mobile Application has not been operated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (eg it was operated on a device that had an intervention in the operating system, so-called "root" or "jailbreak"), the User loses the right to acknowledge the complaint.
  • If the User cannot make full use of the valuable due to the fact that he does not want to meet the conditions required by the Valuable for its redemption (eg Bluetooth or enabled location services) and at the same time could not demonstrably know about these conditions before purchase, he is entitled to a refund for the price purchase, unless it is part of a Package or Subscription from which other Valuables have already been used.

Contacts and support

The request for Operator's support can be sent by specified means in the 24/7 mode. The Operator's support responds to the received request usually in the order of hours to units of working days, while this period is not guaranteed.

Send general requests or questions by e-mail to helpdesk@beersport.com.

For specific requirements related to any Valuable use the "I need Help" button on the Valuable detail in the mobile Application and send an e-mail. The sent message contains additional information that can speed up the solution of the request.


These Terms and Conditions are valid from 1. 2. 2021.

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